work for every $ you get
person1: whats up bro
person2: nothin much im jus out here hustling
by cuntdrr July 8, 2019
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Hustling iz makin' money out of everything no matter what it iz something that mostly happenz in ghetto'z where people don't have much so they need to hustle
1st person: Yo what's crackin bro
2nd person: nuthin much, but i've got a sweet deal fo you
1st person: Fo sure?
2nd person: Hell yeah look at this watch

Then he tells a lil story bout the watch and eventually sells the watch he found for 5$ at a lil market somewhere outta town for 50$
This iz some real hustling
by Ralph Colson February 16, 2006
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hustling is to graft for your money and in some cases for your money making method to be slightly ilegal eg selling stolen goods.
i just brought a new car by hustling some stolen cd players.
by ganja farmer July 10, 2006
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Hustling is the act of grifting a mark for money in a game. The mark is targeted as having significantly less skill than the hustler. The hustler will then prey on the marks confidence in order to trick them into betting on their ability to win. This is typically something that happens in pool halls, but has become wide spread across most sports.

The Hustler will gain the confidence of the mark by playing a few casual games winning and losing where appropriate. When the Hustler believes he or she has the confidence of the mark he will put a small wager on the match IE $20. Typically the hustler will throw that game, and then bet an astronomically higher amount on the second game. A good hustler will let you win two or three times slowly upping the betting amount until he or she appears to be incredibly frustrated and puts up a bet that is too good to be true.
Ex of Hustling:

Hustler: Shit I lost again, man your good. I got 20 bucks that says you can't win the next game.

The Mark: Your on.

In the Long Con the Hustler would attempt to drag this out for a couple of games building the dollar amount by 10 or 20 at a time. This would really build the confidence of the mark so that when the hustler actually puts up a thousand dollar game the mark is very confident that they will beat them.
by Wikiman_for_real September 27, 2010
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Contrary to popular belief, hustlin typically describes selling yourself for sex, aka prostitution. Where a female who has sex for money is just called a whore, a male who has sex for money is called hustler. Male hustlers are usually found roaming the streets looking to get high, by picking up johns cruising for a piece of male ass.

Gigolos differ with hustlers, as they tend to only have straight sex.

Films that reference hustlers: American Heart, Milk, My Own Private Idaho, Christiane F., Transamerica

A hustler is not something you want to be.
Jeremy was always hustling his ass on the streets of San Francisco to make a buck until he caught aids and died. He was a true hustler.
by ReformedDrugAddict March 22, 2010
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a hustler is someone who will do anything for money. to sucker people into giving you money. to bum money from people.
hustling = bumming money off of people.

see also: bum
see also: crap of the world
see also: waste of oxygen
by Shitter666 September 21, 2006
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Juggling boyfriends. Emotionally involved with more than one guy at a time where neither of the guys know about any other people the girl's with.
"Dude, I'm telling you! The girl you're trying to get with is hustling, I saw her making out with some guy at the theater, then she was with another dude at the park. I'm sereal"
by Olgie March 30, 2010
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