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To chirps is to chat up, woo, or court another person. This is a London street slang definition.
*Boy 1* Oi bruv, that girls nice!
*Boy 2* Cherps her then!
by southsidelondona March 07, 2005
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This is what you are doing when you insult someone. You are chirping them.
Did you see Fabian chirping that guy about his mom?

Jane got chirped so badly.
by xXJessXx March 10, 2007
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to talk down, insult or straightout downgrade another persons capacity to live or perform an activity. commonly used on sporting fields, school yard bust ups, or between friends.
blacktown boy to hills opposition chirp: mate might aswell march your mother on the field, she would have a better chance of scoring
by d_tizzle May 24, 2009
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not only on boost mobile, like the morons down on here think, but with ANY nextel use the walkie talkie function
if anybody needs something u could jus CHIRP me
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to boast; to brag; to put others down and talk oneself up in an arrogant way.
by Cameron March 05, 2005
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When someone tries to be funny around a group of people and no one laughs. You can also get chirped even if you don't mean to be funny. This idea was taken from when comedians tell jokes and it is very silent so you hear the crickets chirping.
Sean: Dude! I just fucked 3 chicks yesterday....


Brett: Chirp, dude
by Manson55569 July 16, 2011
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English slang for someone you are flirting with over text or instant messaging.

Someone you are chirpsing with
Haley: Are you seeing anyone?
Emma: Got a few chirps
by abitigs August 07, 2015
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