To chirps is to chat up, woo, or court another person. This is a London street slang definition.
*Boy 1* Oi bruv, that girls nice!
*Boy 2* Cherps her then!
by southsidelondona March 7, 2005
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dem manz spend all their time tryin to chirps females
by im a g August 16, 2003
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A type of DJ scratch that involvies fast "wicky wicky" scratches while only allowing the forward or backward sounds being played by manipulating the fader or transformer.
It's difficult to perform chirps to fast music.
by Jack Batemaster January 7, 2004
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The equivalent of the word "burn", except cooler and more modern. Used when someone completely pwns someone else.
"so did you do her last night?"
"no, she said my penis was too small."
by chirpsalot November 26, 2009
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What a Nextel phone does when you try and Direct Connect to another Nextel Phone.
Also see Sprint Chirp aka Ready Link
You got that phone that chirps?
by Andy March 10, 2005
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A chirp is basically when you alert some one on your Nextel,or Boost mobile, and when you press the talk button it makes a "beep beep" sound...
Gangsta 1 - "A yo, damn son...deez niggas dont know when to stop chirpin' me, when i got dis high muh-fuckin' bill goin' on up in dis peace..."

Gangsta 2 - "Yea, aiight...i hear dat, but stop bein' a lil' pussy and give me the phone...I gotta call mah baby's momma..."
by Kriztal Mef March 7, 2005
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Slang for the deafening silence that comes when someone gets pwned in public and cannot come up with a decent response.
"She used to talk smack all the time, but now she's nothing but chirp chirp"
by The Czar of Goading November 25, 2009
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