the most real nigga alive even more real than The Game and 50 cent combined
yo it's that nigga Jaime everyone pass him yo bitch
by SlimeNigga January 17, 2017
Everyone should get to meet a a Jaime at least once in their life. Jaime is a sweet guy. He is tall, shy, and quiet. What he doesn't show on the outside, he posses on the inside. He is an animal when he is alone with someone he likes. An amazing kisser. Usually polite. A gentleman overall, but when he is in the mood, he is an animal. The best time of day for him is night. He can get handsy so be careful. An amazing kisser and even more amazing lover.
Oh Jaime, slower, before you break my hip!
by JellyBeanzz November 9, 2013
A someone that can understand things that others can’t. If a Jaime has depression he will hide it. He can be a dick. He doesn’t want to kill himself mainly because of the fear of being lonely for ever. All a Jaime wants is someone that he can trust, someone he can talk too, someone that will be by his side no matter what. He also will listen to any kind of music.
Someone:are you okay?
Jaime:yea I’m fine
Someone:what’s your greatest fear?
Jaime:being lonely
by I_understand_everyone December 24, 2018
A girl I honestly wonder why the fuck I gave up on. Insanely gorgeous and funny as hell. Someone I'd do anything for to get back. -Dan
"Why the fuck did I ever let Jaime go?"

""Because you were fucking stupid Dan"
by DannyPhantom16 December 8, 2012
The Master of the universe. Even better than He-Man
oh no! It's Jaime! Get on your knees!
by Jaime Sims January 12, 2004
A hebrew girls' name. Another spelling for Jamie. These beauties are curious of the world and are known to be beautiful in their own way. Jaimes love to travel but are very lazy. They are constantly wanting to improve themselves. These girls are tough cookies and they can be having a laugh as they do but hiding a major pain. Jaime's are very stubborn and sometimes selfish, but this can be amusing and their childlike, dreamy attitude to life is attractive and can easily cheer others up. This makes Jaimes great, rare friends and lovers if suited with the right person.
Person1: Your baby is gorgeous what's her name?
Person2: Jaime.
Person1: Great choice!
by getinthere February 5, 2012
Jaime is the most coolest guy guy out there and is the universe god and can make anyone go down on his/her knees
Why is Jaime so cool?
Cause he is the universal god
by Jaime boi February 7, 2018