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Bending the rules.NOT breaking but bending them.
LittleSkit: you told me you would tell me and the rules say you have to tell me.

ItsGoingOn:so what i bended the rules.
by Shawn June 11, 2004
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means big boobs. Friend was trying to say tig old bitties. But was super drunk and slurred his words to say big o'tays.
by Shawn March 29, 2004
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When a member of the male species bends over naked, and stretches his penis so as he can touch the tip of the helmet to his tongue giving himself oral pleasure.
I wish that I could stretch a cock like Nick and Patrick do.
by Shawn May 27, 2004
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Lesser of the two Chicago baseball teams. They never sell out, they're a terrible team, they have terrible fans.
The Cubs hammered the Sox in the Crosstown series.
by Shawn January 16, 2005
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2. See cmcand vote thumbs up.
Bill: o.o;;
Ted: o.o;;
by Shawn July 25, 2004
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The patch of hair grown right under the lip. Any self-respecting stylish male has one.
His soul patch was so long, he saved a meal for later in it.
by Shawn March 16, 2003
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