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to grab another's head and brain suck
He yelled "Cattywumpus" and I crushed his skull with my palm
by Shawn March 14, 2003
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1. a male rooster
2. the male brain
3. a one eyed snake
1. last night i was watching the cocks fight.
2. Dude shes fucking hot. Go tell her. "Hey baby, your hot. Wanna fuck?" SLAP
3. Becky OMG last night shawn put his cock in my mouth and it spit all over my face!
by Shawn April 2, 2004
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Also known as "Exausted_Drip" a person who has mastered the art of pwning or "owning" as in "destroying" an enemy. Believed to have originated in mechwarrior 3 and 4, now known through most of Americas Army as an expert master in the art of "rambo"
You are just like "ExDrip"
by Shawn September 12, 2003
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A common typo of "wtf."
You: Dude, eyg?
Person: o.o; cmc
by Shawn August 1, 2004
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More than fantanbulous.
Ultra cool; innovative and exciting.
That rollercoaster ride was so much fun. And the loop d loops were fandamtanbulous.
by Shawn February 17, 2004
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a delicious spanish dance swung with the Nooch
Palanouch, Palanouch, will you do the fandango?
by Shawn September 19, 2004
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man i wanna F.A.N.I.T.A. so badly, it hurts.
by Shawn May 27, 2004
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