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1. the main cause of explosions.
2. any thing dreaded that your "teachers" say is "good" for you. soon after, you explode for no reason.
3. what scientists do to make stuff explode.
4. when a sheet of paper explodes into flames.
1. test sodium and water.
2. SAT is a test.
3. Monkeys.
4. you brought your lighter to test.
by monn-unit July 22, 2006
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Everything that is put in front of you during any given day.
How was your day?
Testing!...but i did well at not passing every test!...Hope i get a better run tomorrow.
by VICKI KARMA November 10, 2006
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A means of evaluating another person's character through a series of unannounced, inconspicuous examinations. Developed by Eddie, it serves to define which people are desirable company and which should not be associated with. As a general rule, a test-passer is a good person while a test-failer is a bad person.

Passing the test results in the joyous proclamation that "You pass the test!"

Failure of a test is announced simply by saying "You failed the test." This phrase is often used to show general disdain for a person's existence.
"You didn't make eye contact while saying 'thank you.' You failed the test."

"You forgot to hold the door open for me... failed the test."

"You passed the test - you offered me a piece of sausage from your pizza."
by Eddiehashiv March 17, 2006
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To check if something coresponds the promised result or what effect does it have at all.
By typing in the word "test" you prolly tried to search if there was a definition for this word.
by sm1g March 27, 2008
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Derogative term.
Derived from the way a Greek may call someone an Arhidi (a testicle).

Place of origin: N Melbourne (Aust)
You're such a test!

Hey there goes that test again.

by fano March 31, 2005
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