Is moving the earth for her...

He can’t get enough.

50..Loved so much
by Wanderlust_721 December 29, 2021
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"Hey you've got a five-o", meaning, "Hey the cops are watching you."
by Nathar Leichoz May 31, 2003
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The Police.

50, pronounced "five oh", means the cops. It comes from the cop show Hawaii 5-0, and IT HAS JACK SHIT TO DO WITH MOTHERFUCKING CROWN VICTORIA'S, YOU STUPID MARK!!
by Carl Johnson December 14, 2004
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'those fat ass 50 mutha fuckers wont be able to scale that fence'
by MC Boonge August 13, 2003
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It is not fromm 5.0 Crown Victoria. It is from Hawaii 5-0. Meaning police.
we was out on road and 5-0 came and bus' up our shit, an' ting y'naa?
by nopunk December 9, 2003
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A bag of heroin. Cost- $50.00
by acdegrees November 8, 2004
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Being half of 100, not loyal or trusting
Drew: aye I heard yo girl fucked another dude.

Daniel: yeah son, she so 50 for that.
by DmvSlang May 12, 2014
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