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(verb) -- gettin down with the ladies; to consume; representing your hood;
Sammy V: Yo dawg I was rippin those chicks last night.
C Lames: No doubt yo, lets go rip a slush puppie.

by C Lames April 27, 2006
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Making jokes about someone

Most of which dont make sense
Me:You so fat you eat concrete and sh!t bricks
Precious: why you rippin on me like that
by Supercalifragilistick April 07, 2011
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A verb used to describe interesting/neat/fun situations or events. Can be used in the same context as "cool" or "sweet."
"Dude, that car is Rippin'!"


"Do you want to go to the mall?"
"Sure, that'd be Rippin'!"
by Emily_and_Chelsea February 15, 2009
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when youre just clicking on all cylinders and everything is going right for you and youre just on a role, you cannot be stopped. or when youre just completely trashing someone in a sport or game
yo nigga you seen me in that b-ball game vs camden catholic last night, i was straight rippin those niggaz
by fresh azimiz April 20, 2010
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normally used when a joint is burning real good and has good airflow
Damn dude that joint is rippin hard i got so much smoke.
by Ldog54 June 02, 2009
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Pulling mad horizontal g's on your Skidoo while roostin' down a snow covered trail in western NY.
DooRider - Dude, I went rippin by you so fast you didn't even see me and I was catsitting for you at the stop sign for an hour.
Catrider - Suck it dude, I was busy rippin' your mom.
Doorider - That doesn't even make sense bro.
by Honkypuppy January 12, 2006
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