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A vague response to questions about your general status. The opposite of chilling.
Person 1: Yo man, you just chillin or what?
Person 2: Well I'm not chilling, so I guess I'm or what.

Person 1: What do you think that man is doing over there?
Person 2: Oh he's just or whatting.
by Gyro Dude December 07, 2010
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A sexual way of threanig sexual actions.
"Or what" "I'm gonna fuck you that's what's gonna happen if you continue to tease me like that"
by Yuppp August 02, 2017
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What BT MONEY aka Da Samurai always says..always says it after everything...when he talks and even in his rap songs and freestyles.
BT MONEY: whats going on ...OR WHAT?
Frank G: nothing man...
BT MONEY: same here...OR WHAT?
Frank G: yeah, just chillin
by Killa July 27, 2003
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