A word that reveals dismay or surprise depending on the context. Often replaces the use of the word 'shit' in a sentence or statement. Used increasingly during the 90's, can be seen used in the film Tommy Boy.
by ShanwH January 14, 2006
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A variation of a curseword... also said as "shnikey" or "shnikies" when appropriate.
"I just got fired... shnike!"
by anonomous August 05, 2003
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A commonly used phrase in Cincinnati Suburbs,(ex. Loveland, Milford, Madiera) and has even been found to have been used in parts of Southeast Indiana (ex. Batesville, Oldenburg). A varient on an expletive with a similair spelling, although often used in other situations. Other spellings of the word include shnikies, shnikeys, and shnikieys
Most Common Expressions: "Holy Shnikes Batman!" used in an intense situation

"Shnikes, That was Close" used in a close-call situation.
by AJ Cambro July 31, 2005
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a way 2 swear with out actually saying a swear word. so yeah thats right u can say it in front of your mum.
Girl 1: BOO!!!!
Girl 2: Oh shnike, u scared me!
by Deelishas May 04, 2007
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Fake/imitation Nike brand sneakers purchased off the internet.
I showed my friend these brand new Nike's I bought on Ebay and he said "Dude are you stupid-did you really pay money for these? They aren't Nikes, they're Shnikes"
by ILoveShnikes October 22, 2008
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