Amys are known to be really pretty and nice. They love nature and animals. They tend to have beautiful long brown hair and dark brown eyes. They have a good side and a bad side . They love being with friends out partying . A amy tends to be heartbroken alot and hurt in many ways. She will never show her tears in front of people especially her friends or family. Never ask her if shes okay , she will always say the she is even when shes not anyways. Never loose her.
" Man , did you see her, shes so beautiful."

" Yea man, she must be an Amy . "
by Nobody_ Anomynous March 14, 2017
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Amy is beautiful, yet hard to read. Full of laughter once she gets going even with the drama the surrounds her. She perseveres through the hard times like any strong woman would. No matter the cost, when she puts her mind to something, she is going to make it happen
Somehow I can get close to Amy, only to find myself out of reach suddently
by MikeSubaru21 July 13, 2017
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A very complex person. One that will truly love their significant other even though they like to play sometimes. Amy is extremely beautiful and is the best thing a person will ever lay eyes upon or interact with in their entire lifetimes. My Amy is absolutely wonderful and constantly annoy her by telling her.
There goes Amy - says everyone.
Amy deserves the world, too bad she and that fag are against it.
by xXSJWGODFATHER420Xx June 02, 2017
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Amys are smart people ,she may favor some of her friends and make people feel left out ,but she is a very fun person to be around. Amys are smart and have VERY neat handwriting. Amy's talk a lot and wear a lot of make up. Amy's are cool and has a dream job of becoming a DJ. Amy's are very talkative and love boys named that names start with J (Example Jack) B, D, and A.
Amy is a helicopter

Amy is weird

Amy is awesome

Amy is a bad watermelon

Amy is a grumpy dog😉
Amy is very smart
Amy got an 100 on her test...again
by ATrashyWeirdo June 18, 2017
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She is a nice,small,funny,and crazy person. You would rather have her as your best friend more than soulmate. they are usally into guys that are not try hards. they like LOTS of attention and will make u laugh until u drop. So make sure you have a best friend named Amy.
Did u see that girl over there , she was acting like an Amy
by Creativethruthyways February 12, 2017
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loyal; stubborn; can seem hard to get to know as Amy is a stone of invincibility; a winter gem the color of ice; but when the light is shined just right Amy flashes fire and warmth;
by Book Dragon 4 Life January 03, 2017
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