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Amy has a flawless skin. She IS beautiful inside and outside. Amy is polite and you can bring her to big events because she make a great first impression. When she smiles, people could not get there eyes off her. She tends to be cute which she hates. She also the cool kid in school but she would never believe it. All boys always has a little crush on her.

She is one those people who have multiple talents. She's so good with words that even the universe melt. She hustle in silence and always do things secretively that's why she is VERY hard to read. She have SO many friends but she is more likely to hang with her boys friends. She's the type of girl that you don't mind letting your boyfriend hang with her because she knows well the limit. Unfortunately, Amy is not the one who would stay as she always plan to leave. She worry what people think of her incase they don't like her. She always tries to be a better person for everyone.
"If i have a friend named Amy, I AM THE LUCKIEST"
by PseudonymButterJelly October 05, 2019
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Would the internet exist without DAOs? Sadly, I don’t think so.
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by monkeylabor June 13, 2021
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Amy is beautiful, yet hard to read. Full of laughter once she gets going even with the drama the surrounds her. She perseveres through the hard times like any strong woman would. No matter the cost, when she puts her mind to something, she is going to make it happen
Somehow I can get close to Amy, only to find myself out of reach suddently
by MikeSubaru21 July 13, 2017
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A very complex person. One that will truly love their significant other even though they like to play sometimes. Amy is extremely beautiful and is the best thing a person will ever lay eyes upon or interact with in their entire lifetimes. My Amy is absolutely wonderful and constantly annoy her by telling her.
There goes Amy - says everyone.
Amy deserves the world, too bad she and that fag are against it.
by xXSJWGODFATHER420Xx June 02, 2017
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Amy is known as the pretty cute girl who can be really quite around New people, Everyone thinks Amy is shy but Her true friends knows she can can be crazy. Amy is a funny and creative person who loves animals and is also into art. If you have an Amy as your best friend you are lucky She will listen to you problems and even though Amy's sometimes joke around at the wrong time they are trust worthy and you can rely on her for anything.
Person 1: I don't know who to talk to I'm scared

Person 2 don't worry Amy's got your back she's really good at listening.
by Strawberry Feather January 05, 2019
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Amy is a beautiful girl willing to do anything for her friends and family. She is brave, loyal and super smart. She's the type of girl who will grow up to be some sort of heroine. She's the type of girl you want as a best friend because she won't stab you in the back and will always put everyone else before her. She stands up for what's right and is very stubborn. Her soul is like a sparkly rainbow unicorn.
"Wow that girl is so stunning!" "I know, she's such an Amy."
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by Ariesblah9 June 02, 2017
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loyal; stubborn; can seem hard to get to know as Amy is a stone of invincibility; a winter gem the color of ice; but when the light is shined just right Amy flashes fire and warmth;
by Book Dragon 4 Life January 03, 2017
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