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Amy is beautiful, yet hard to read. Full of laughter once she gets going even with the drama the surrounds her. She perseveres through the hard times like any strong woman would. No matter the cost, when she puts her mind to something, she is going to make it happen
Somehow I can get close to Amy, only to find myself out of reach suddently
by MikeSubaru21 July 13, 2017
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Amy is a generally used word of a hot/sexy woman. Amy is a very independent woman who never fail to brighten the mood. An Amy is a woman who could potentially steal ur heart in a heart beat. If Amy is used not as a name it will commonly mean pretty/good looking, such as; wow, your so Amy. An amy is usually always there when u need a helping hand and a slight bad ass when needs be.
Your so Amy tonight.
by Random Annoymous human January 25, 2017
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She is a beautiful girl and has a great personality. She is funny and people enjoying watching her do silly stuff. At first she is quiet but when you get to know her she becomes rowdy as fuck. When people get her mad she starts bugging on them and when people start talking shit about her she gives them a silent bitch face . She is popular and doesn’t like people showing off. Everybody loves her for who she is .
I am Amied

She is very Amy
by Pretty237905 October 14, 2017
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Amy is a beautiful girl willing to do anything for her friends and family. She is brave, loyal and super smart. She's the type of girl who will grow up to be some sort of heroine. She's the type of girl you want as a best friend because she won't stab you in the back and will always put everyone else before her. She stands up for what's right and is very stubborn. Her soul is like a sparkly rainbow unicorn.
"Wow that girl is so stunning!" "I know, she's such an Amy."
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by Ariesblah9 June 03, 2017
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a girl that is a beauty to the eye, by the way she smile, laugh, talk and pretty much every single movement she does is as graceful as a ballet dancer. She is cunning, sexy, loving, kind, warm-hearted, caring and is the most perfect soulmate or girlfriend you would ever be able to meet in your life. So if you got a chance to meet one, keep her and you will live a happy life.
Woah, look at that new girl in school! Her name gotta be Amy cause shes grabbing my heart right now!
by igmyeong-ui May 20, 2017
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An Amy is someone who will be by your side no matter what. Sometimes she can be a little blunt but it always ends up funny. Amy can make any guy fall for her and is super beautiful. She is goofy, nice, relatable and more. Go get yourself an Amy to marry!
Person 1: “Woah look at her”
Person 2: “Yeah, She’s definitely an Amy”
by Anonymous Person? July 10, 2018
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loyal; stubborn; can seem hard to get to know as Amy is a stone of invincibility; a winter gem the color of ice; but when the light is shined just right Amy flashes fire and warmth;
I will be an Amy for my friends.
by Book Dragon 4 Life January 03, 2017
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