A girl whose name means 'greatest' in French.

The name says it all. Maxine is the most special, amazing person you will ever meet. She is beautiful, talented, funny, intelligent, and everything you could ask for in a friend. Or in a girlfriend. Besides her many talents, Maxine is also THE hottest girl I have met so far. :D
Guy: Hey, Maxine, u r the most awesome person I have ever met.

Maxine: Aww thank u! :D
by TRBG January 5, 2010
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Maxine is the second best volleyball player after Emma. She has a handshake with everyone on earth. Maxine can make your day better in .1 second.
by hhhhjskjsh September 22, 2018
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The name of a super hot, sexy girl. Who also happens to be a great writer.
Maxine knows how to steal a heart just through some words
by CCAATTZZ November 25, 2018
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Pretty much one of the most wonderful women like ever. If you don't love her and won't treat her right go see your doctor because there's something wrong with you.
by Leebyres September 28, 2011
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Maxine Maximus gracious, endearing lover, beauty, salacious, seductive siren, mother to all, mother of mother earth, articulate, affable, amenable, kindness of heart, forgiving, arbitrator, zestful, energetic, spontaneous, naturally prominent, exciting, goddess, erotic, tenacious, chicky babe
If all the woman in the world could be Maxine, it would be perfect.

Dreams are made of Maxine

If would love to be a Maxine
by bluestoker February 9, 2010
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Feminine form of Max, a short form of the Latin Maximilian, from maximus, meaning "the greatest". According to your gf's language, her greatest fantasies are the ones that starts with M and ends with E.
My Greatest Love is Maxine.
by Crisxson February 10, 2022
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The person to shit on when the going get tough.
All these years and Maxine is still putting up with this shit.
by Mynameismaxine July 20, 2021
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