in northern ireland the term "mailing someone" refers to flirting over text
did you mail him lastnight?
yeah we're meeting up at the weekend
by Urbanilegend December 6, 2016
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A bay area California term used to describe money.
"get your fetti, your scrilla, your scratch and your mail...holla at me boys cause I got game to sell"
by B Smizz June 1, 2005
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Something that is sent to your house daily by the mailman. Mail does not come on Sundays. See envelope and onvelope.
by David March 8, 2004
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A general term used to describe midweight metallic armors worn by fighting men up until the Renaissance. Mail armors consist of small, overlapping pieces of metal but lack large, solid plates found in heavier armors.
Chainmail: armor made of interlocking metal rings.
Scale mail: medium armor made of small, overlapping metal plates, resembling the scales of a fish.
by KingPhoenix February 20, 2005
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Mail me my money, man!
They wanna take my mail!
by Jake November 23, 2003
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Shortened version of İsmail.
Can: Mail, what are you doing?
İsmail: please don’t call me Mail.
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