me: wow the person who typed this is very hot
my dog: yes they are
you: yes i'm very hot
by ,jkhgkjh January 21, 2021
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The finest and hottest man alive. I want him to rail me but cuddles are always acceptable if he wants it 😩😍🥰. =Kenma
Kenma is so very hot-hot
by -KenmasWifeV😚 January 29, 2021
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when someone says “your mom is very hot” they mean that they think your mom is VEREY hot and they want to kiss you and your mom cause you were birthed from her
guy1:your mom is very hot
*locks eyes*
guy2: i-i-i
*leans in*
guy1:can i kiss you
guy2:*whispers* yea
*passinilty makes out*
*your mom joins in*
by August 13, 2021
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