Every turnpike has a tollbooth.........ergo.....gimme your wallet.
by Arizonalady June 22, 2010
A chickenhead; a gold-digging woman; hooker; whore; a woman who only dates men for their money and or favors from a man's power or position
She's nothing more than a turnpike. She has wide, open lanes, but her road(s) are still damaged.
by Krieger May 10, 2007
The act of a girl bending over really low when dancing on a guy. The girl is to get really low and grind her ass on the guys crouch and bend her head down, while keeping her back straight.
This girl I was dancing with last night got really low on me, I screamed shes turnpiking
by Mayor of Auburn February 24, 2011
An expedient vehicle maneuver used when one needs to defecate immediately (typically a code brown diarrhea emergency) so one is forced to pull to the side of the road. Pull far enough off on the right shoulder and slightly angle the front of the car toward the road. Open the passenger door and no one can see you from in front or behind thus enabling the pooper to squat and lose his bowels in complete privacy.
Dude, I’m gonna’ shit myself! Pull an Ohio Turnpike NOW!!!!!
by MagsMcGavin May 6, 2018
A long highway the stretches from the West Virginia border to the New Jersey state line. It takes about 5 hours with no stops to cross it. When you first get on, you pass through Washington, Pa. Later on, after the exit for Altoona you go through 4 tunnels and end up in Harrisburg. Here, it is only another 2 hours to the border. After 1 hour more, the rest is Philadelphia suburbs, nothing to see there.
Travis: What are you doing this weekend?
Colton: I'm driving over to New Jersey
Travis: You must be taking the Pennsylvania Turnpike
Colton: I sure am.
by Gackle June 28, 2011
The return of this band will end Covid- 19 and heal society.
If Evan Felker and The Turnpike Troubadours return the pandemic would end and society would be restored.
by DavidAlanCoe November 2, 2021