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even more so, exceptionally

-can be used before another adjective, or by itself, ex:
1. Those Manolo Blahniks are beyond adorable!

or simply: I loved Gwyneth's Dior dress at the runway show; it was beyond!
by Jessalyn August 28, 2004
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The Greatest Rock Band in HK, the singer and founder has one of the most emotional voices, too bad he died in an accident

They became famous during the dominance of the HK pop scene. During the that era no Hong Kong'ers listens to rock but pop, even they do they only listen to foreign Rock Bands (Americans, British etc..) instead of Hong Kong ones. That's why no Hong Kong musicians even THOUGHT of making a rock band, but Beyond did and became very successful.

Their lyrics have great meanings, their best songs are Gwong Fai Sui Yuet which is about segregation in USA and Hoi Foot Teen Hong which is about self reliances

The singer from Beyond: Wong Ga Kui is one of the most touching / emotional HK singers along with Eason Chan, Danny Chan, and Leslie Cheung
by matthewmanhorn April 23, 2007
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1) A adjective used to show a great distance between two people or things.
2)The quality of being better than.
1) Steve is so far beyond those pimps.
2)ttytt, Mark is beyond L337
by Beyond February 24, 2004
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buy the domain for your foodie site
Being beyond pro! see pro
I am so pro that I am beyond
by dan January 23, 2004
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a NOOB who plays online games.........and talks trash to people for no apparent reason.....
if your taking offense to this then YOUR a BEYOND!!!
by pissedon October 23, 2008
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