90 definition by Kris

One of the more horrific items of practical jokery, basically a "liquid filled" used condom thrown at a (soon to be former) friend or preferably an enemy as you would a water balloon. Not Recommended if you want to remain popular, or indeed, alive.
"Well your honour, I stabbed him 40 times as the previous day he got me in the face with a particularly well filled spunkbomb, covering my skin my clothes, and possibly my soul, with foul salty seminal fluid"
by Kris April 06, 2005

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A pickup line, commonly used by members of the male gender, suggesting the desire to have sex with the person being asked.

"A piece" is a shortened form of "A piece of ass"
Baby, you lookin' fine. Can I get a piece?
by Kris April 21, 2004

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A greeting commonly used by NEDs and Bam's in and around the Glasgow area.
Haw man! How's it gon'? Thoat ye wur bringin the bucky ya daft cunt!

(translation) Hello my friend! How are you? I was under the impression you would be supplying the tonic wine today, you silly contemptible person!
by Kris February 08, 2005

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a white kid who thinks he untouchable as long as he's strapped with a cell phone
not the kind of guy for nicole
by Kris January 21, 2005

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Acronym: If you ain't maintenence, you ain't shit.
Dude, I tagged IYAMYAS on the ammo guy's truck!
by Kris December 02, 2004

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can be used in a number of ways. most frequently used to say goodbye to someone or as a replacement for words like cool. used in the telford and wrekin area of england
i'll ring u in a bish
by Kris April 15, 2004

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great magazine
by kris October 05, 2003

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