A pretty girl that most men would be afraid to talk to.
I'm so insecure, I could never even ask her for the time. She's just too untouchable.
by Mike June 1, 2002
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Not just an attractive, natural woman, but smart and educated, who intimidates us mere mortal men just by her majestic presence.
Her pouty lips and soft, dark auburn hair are just too untouchable. I'm just not good enough for her.
by Big Dave June 2, 2002
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1. (article by mywiseowl.com)
In India's caste system, an untouchable, dalit, or achuta is a person outside of the four castes, and considered below them. Untouchables include such people as leather-workers. There are various subcastes or jati within untouchable, the lowest ranking generally considered to be the Bhangis.

Harijan was the polite form for untouchable coined by Mahatma Gandhi which means "Children of God" (Hari is another name for Vishnu, a Hindu God). Untouchables generally consider this term to be condescending and prefer the name dalit, variously translated as "crushed", "stepped on" or "oppressed". The term scheduled castes is also used in the Indian legal system to refer to this group along with other non-caste tribes.

2. The lowest ranking in the Hindu/Indian society. Usually, they are poor and live far away from the towns. You cannot even look at them for you will get bad luck.

3. Someone that is ravashing and/or someone you can't touch because A) men/women are afraid to talk to this B) There is something or someone stopping him/her to talk to this person.
1. With the untouchables in the lowest ranking in the 4 castes, this term can be used to anyone disliked.

2. If you look at that untouchable, the gods would probably not reincarnate you to something good.

3. As he danced in the nightclub with neon flashing his eyes, he thought he has saw and illusion as he gazed at someone so angelic-like.
by Pissed Off†Liberal Jerk Off February 6, 2005
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unattainable, yet tantalizing. A person of such power who can control you with their overWhelming and GAY mind games which make you want them more but still, they are after all not tangible to the hands of innocence, especially mine who already hurt. With their super seductive ways, they may corner you and force feelings yah never wanted to share just so they think you actually care, and of course you do love Dingledine ... but He has a girlfriend and she is a beautiful sun rising every new day, her name is dawn! i am only ostracized once agian within a world of fantasy where i will be waiting for him to meet me, a red rose wilting while we hold hands in our heads.
you are UNTOUCHABLE ! unless you break beyond the barrier of a brick wall, and let me in your life
by NEurOtiC * AnGeL December 7, 2004
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very skilled at one or more tasks,exstermely street smart, sexueal deviant who mets physical appeal of both sexes.
He is an untoucable he was the first to do that.. Karens body is an untouchable she has a muscular physique with a figure.. I am an untouchable i am in a class of all my own.
by T.untouchable. April 25, 2010
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Unable to be reached.
Damn Jamal's basketball skills are untouchable!
by Jamal August 12, 2002
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