A line you use to get a woman
Hey, does this rag smell like chloroform to you?
by chloroform is cool June 19, 2004
A pickup line is cheesy line that most guys use, and women feel bad for them....
guy: If I could rearange the alphabet, I would put U and I together.
girl:*gives him a wierd look...(thinks thats a horrible pickup line)*
guy:*thinking it was a good look* do you wanna come to my appartment(cause these guys don't have houses)...
girls:*laughs* sure(this is going to be funny/nothing better to do)....
by Amanda69 April 28, 2006
A corny line theoretically used to pick up women.
Most Interesting Man In the World (according to Dos Equis)

"Pickup lines - there is a time and a place fore that. The time is never. You can figure out the place."
by Peetiewonder April 24, 2009
something you say to a ho to pick her up for the night but you always regret it afterwards
"I wonder what our children will look like."
by Dick Jones May 28, 2004
A phrase that men use that gets all the girls.
Man: I love you like the 20 characters of the alphabet
Woman: Wait but there's 26
Man: Oh yeah, I forgot "u r a q t"
Woman: Yeah but that's 25
Man: I know, I'll give the "d" later
Woman: That was such a hot pickup line, I love you so much
by RollsJP November 22, 2021
A strand of words used to pickup hot girls.
Joe: "Are you a house, cause your thick and I wanna be inside of you."
Candice: " Wow nice Pickup line."
by Kyyuss June 10, 2021
very bad joke to get hooked up with someone.
person 1: Theres 20 letters in the alphabet right
Person 2: No thres 26
Person 1: ah i forgot U R A Q T
person 2: thats 25
Person 1: You´ll Get the D later

Patricia: My dress was 50% off!
Briana: Well I want it 100% off of you

Cheezy Pickup Line
by Rich set a fire April 11, 2019