90 definition by Kris

silly person
You screwed it again U R a real mupet
by kris October 17, 2003

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abbreviation for awkward.

awk, used in some contexts as a verb, to describe someone's actions in an awkward situation.
"he would rather stay at the party and awk around. he doesn't even know anyone."
by kris March 29, 2005

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One who's characteristics are similiar as those of B. Scorzetti.
Bill is such a jeevio. He swears he's a red rate.
by Kris May 14, 2004

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Taken from a Teen Girl Squad animation from Homestar Runner, "possums" can be used to mean that something is negative or not good.
My boss asked me to work overtime today. It was definitely possums.
by Kris September 28, 2004

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1. Telling somebody to suck your dick.

2. Telling somebody to bow to you.

3. The act of proposing marriage.
You better hit your knees, bitch.
by Kris July 27, 2004

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Something you get in soccer if you do something the ref doesnt like. Yellow Card is not a band. yellowcard is a band. Please get this straight. If you are searching for the band in google, do not type in yellow card because it will bring up soccer sites.
Our team racked up the yellow cards this season.
by Kris February 17, 2004

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Someone who is disliked. Known to be an idiot.
Yo' motha is a fart jockey.
by Kris March 14, 2004

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