90 definition by Kris

When a patron that isn't of legal drinking age enters an establishment before it transitions from restaurant status to bar/club status thus bypassing ID checks at the door.
Geoff: "Grant, let's all go celebrate your birthday at that new establishment and get you really drunk so your girlfriend can take full advantage of you."
Grant: "But my girlfriend isn't legal drinking age yet."
Geoff: "No worries, lets get there early and she can use the grandfather clause."
Grant: "That seems appropriate."
Kris: "People do that."
Nicole: "That makes sense."
Geoff: "I'm sure there's no science to support that."
by Kris April 29, 2011

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Quite possibly the hottest girl on the internet today.
by kris October 23, 2004

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Very large obease person. They can sometimes be mistaken for a Jumbo Jet. There are several classes of jabungo sized people:

1. jabungo = obease, large, fat.
2. super jabungo = obease times two.
3. super costco sized jabungo = extremely obease.
Holy crap, that chic is super costco sized jabungo!
by Kris August 24, 2004

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Rather elongated creature lacking in both intellegence and good looks. Cleary identifiable by it's rather oversized and unattractive hairy growth from the top of the head, spreading far and requiring a permit.
James Tomkinson
by Kris April 15, 2004

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A thing that programs games.
The mishkin just programmed us some pear shooting guns. I hope it adds the super advanced feature soon.
by Kris January 30, 2004

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oh fuck it. oh forget it. whatever. fuck off. noone knows/cares. im demented.
Person 1: I'm konfuked.(look up term), Person2: AHFT. nevermind
by Kris July 13, 2003

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something sticky or really sweet
by Kris April 24, 2003

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