One of the most spoiled annoying objects ever made. Their parents are failures at being a parent and just buy them shit so the kids will stop bitching. They are spoiled to the bone and cannot tie their own shoes even. All day they only care about SWAG and what shirts they wear as well as number of followers on twitter and instagram. They usually only are able to get into college due to their parents wealth but return back home only to be a thorn in the asshole.
White kid: I have 33k followers on twitter I have more swag than you.
Hard working kid: Stfu, swag doesn't feed when you're older.

White kids: You chink speak some English and get some pussy.
Asian kid: Bitch you'll be the one making my sandwiches at subway when I grow wealthy and all your bitches flock to my arms.
by wafflepop May 17, 2013
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a sickass wanna be black kid. They still tight yall
man, that motherfucka is a white kid
by T-Baginn February 1, 2008
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little monkeys
cheeky monkeys
the monkeys, literally
by Vita Smart August 14, 2022
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A rich white kid typically refers to those individuals who maintain the following characteristics:

- Come from very high income parents, who have typically pampered them with luxuries their entire lives
- Will likely have never had a real job in life and likely won't until they're in their mid 20s
- Have their own cars, and sometimes motorbikes along with their cars - both of which are purchased by their parents
- Consider any money given to them to actually be theirs, resulting in a sense of ownership over that which their parents purchase for them, yet the sad fact is this sense of ownership is a pathetic attempt at the real thing

- Many can have deeply engrained pretentious attitudes - a sort of self entitlement that is so developed into the individual's character that they don't even realize what they're doing as anything other than... normal
- Have a sort of concept about the world where things are even expected to go in their favour, since it has their entire lives
- Spoilt rotten
Man those fucking kids that go to/live in _______, some of them are chill, but many of them have never had a job in their lives, yet are driving around daddy's lexus like it's their own.... i'd actually love to know what's going to happen to them when the financial plug is pulled and they get a taste of real life...goddamn rich white kids
by JohnnyHowWasInIt November 15, 2010
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That kid that sits at the back of the class and always gets bullied. You would probably want to become their friend, because they usually end up shooting up the school.
The quiet white kid brought his duffle bag to school today.
by N-word_John August 26, 2018
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ADJ. N. Pronoun. A white kids who personality or general appearance makes him or her appear to be a rich kid.
(adj) Jeff is such a rich white kid.
(n)hey, rich white kid. Ya you.
by everyones fav. tech guy January 29, 2009
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A problem that only wealthy (typically white) kids have. These problems tend to be trivial and annoying, as opposed to real problems, which can be life threatening (i.e. "I have no food."). Can be abbreviated to WKP, for easy use.
White kid: I have no place to smoke my weed.
Other kid: White kid problem.

White kid: My dad's mega-yacht isn't big enough!
Other kid: WKP
by moose77873 May 6, 2010
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