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A container used for holding rounds of ammunition. It can be both fixed or detachable. They can be loaded manually, or by using a speed-loader or a stripper clip.
The M16A2 typically uses a 30 detachable-box magazine.
When your automatic pistol runs out of ammunition, drop the magazine.
by Grant February 14, 2004
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A massive dump that takes 10 to 15 times to flush.
After Thanksgiving, I had to Take a Trump.
by JRBIV December 11, 2019
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A controlling device used by the corporate masses of America to brainwash teenaged girls and turn them into clones of Hilary Duff and Anna Nicole Smith, usually by means of advertising skanky clothing and expensive shoes and stating (subliminally, of course) that if you do not buy and wear these "stylish" fashions, you will be attacked and mauled by 14-year-old teenyboppers with push-up bras and perfectly manicured fingernails.
Ashley: "Like OH MY GOD! I totally have to buy this miniskirt or I will be devoured by the general public!"

Michelle: "Yeah, I know! Let's go to the mall and buy pink underwear!"
by Jennifer June 09, 2004
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1. A container, which holds ammunition. Unlike a clip, they can be freely removed from the weapon, without ejecting the clip altogether, if such a procedure is able to be executed at all.

Often times, they are confused with "clips." A "clip" is an exposed container of ammunition, always in the form of a stripper clip for rifles and semi-automatic handguns, or a speed-loading clip for revolvers. Saying "clip," rather than "magazine," instantly qualifies you as an ignoramous. Don't do it.

2. A soft, paper booklet, which is sized in standard paper, commonly. Most magazines concern the mundane, such as homes, cars, jewelry, or celebrities. If you read the latter, you are a doucher who is to be exterminated, via firing squad.
1. Call it a clip again, you son of a bitch, and I'll bash your fucking head in with this here magazine, until the trauma has rendered you in a comatose, if not dead, and the rounds have all discharged into your ear, or are on the ground.

2. Playboy and Penthouse are such splendid magazines, though I too like PCGamer US.
by Amerikaner August 24, 2006
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Code name for ecstasy. Usually in refrence to more than 2.
when we gettin them magazines.
by JOHN_P January 14, 2005
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A storage place for munitions or explosives. In firearms, A Supply Camber, As A Space In, OR Container On A Firearm From Which Cartridges Are Feed

A magazine (mag) is NOT a clip nor should it be called a clip! All single barreled multi-shot weapons have a magazine. Very few directly use clips.

Gang bangers and cops confuse clips for magazines. Load your magazines.
by Sam Colt July 08, 2006
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A magazine is a term used by the Left, particularly in American politics, as a magazine, especially a news magazine, whose leadership is Pro-Trump or at least overall Pro-Trump, or leans in favor of being Pro-Trump or at least overall leans in flavor of being Pro-Trump; the term is derived from the Pro-Trump acronym slogan, "MAGA," which is used in the Trump Campaign.
The difference between a magazine and a magazine, is that magazines' political leanings are objective, and magazines' political leanings are Pro-Trump, hence the bracket used for Trump's acronym slogan, "MAGA."
by Sebastian Robertson January 29, 2020
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