90 definition by Kris

The best Emo band out there. They're the greatest and have amazing lyrics. I love them with all my heart<3
cause we dont believe in filler, baby if I could i'd sit this out..

-Failure by Design-
by kris June 28, 2004

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the act of manipulating one's facial muscles in an unusual manner, usually associated with late nights and loud music. sometimes used in attempt to attract a mate. rarely successful.
i was gurning like a trout last night!
by Kris April 18, 2003

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Pittsburgh, PA
Hey, yinz goin' down to da burg an 'at for the Steelers game?
by Kris April 22, 2004

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Something you love to pick at, but are proud to have.
I have a Stitch on my arm.
by Kris October 05, 2004

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Can be used to describe either a tattoo above a chicks ass or a hickey depending on which part of the U.S. you are in.
i.e. You can see her tramp stamp, her bikini bottoms are so low.


She went out with her ex and got a tramp stamp.
by Kris June 16, 2006

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a small boy with unruly hair and a love of trance
"cha, he's such a filip"
by Kris February 19, 2005

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