to throw or toss emotional ideas or objects.
He throught me a present when I wasn't looking
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past tense of think, but with the letter R thrown in for no apparent reason.
Ruby-Jean: Did you see Mattie's churrin* last night?
Miss Mary: Yes, I saw those ugly children!
Ruby-Jean: They throught they were so crute* last night!

* churrin = children
* crute = cute
by The Laziest Gal in Town November 16, 2006
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Past tense of thrinking. Expresses the act of having thought of something while drinking.
I throught of the best idea at the bar last night.

I took that girl home last weekend. I throught it was a good idea. I was dreadfully mistaken.
by JTnotapedo June 30, 2016
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it's like throat, but better.
my throught hurts
by uou suck February 14, 2021
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A dusty ass wack bitch who doesn't know anything.
That throught had sex with my husband!
by OG BRUH December 13, 2016
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When your dyslexic friend tries to spell "throughout"
Friend: Ive been napping throught the day
by Cedscrub January 11, 2022
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''Throught'' means ''Through Out''. Another meaning is slow jogging.
Throught the day, We did activities.
I throught across the land.
by Violet Henry October 7, 2022
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