The field of psychology attempts to define it with circular definitions. The truth is, we don't really know how to define self... not objectively at least.
In a few words, self is consciousness. Consciousness escapes objective description (poor example: your experience of the colour red, is it the same as mine?). If a definition requires an objective description, then self is un-definable.
Get your fine self over hear!
by GT1979 June 22, 2004
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ones own personality and being
i am not feeling like myself
by p-ano May 13, 2003
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I believe I exist because there is a me,but what is me? who am I? what is this self? that I've known for so long that consists of my name,family,likes,dislikes,attributes,personality,desires,wishes etc ah yes i see! it is just a creation of the powerful mind. Signals from the mind to body and everything self do not depend on a me. Nothing does. The mind is beautiful,but a dangerous and misleading thing. Thank you brain, but I see the light now! it's so clear, holy crap "I" can't believe "I've" been fooled for so long. Everything is a concept. Now I am free from pure illusion, no more victim to give guilt,sadness,fear etc too. No more person to experience life's pain. There is no self.
by Insighther May 27, 2017
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an awesome one-man band from murfreesboro tennessee that later transformed into a five-piece. largely the work of the musical genius matt mahaffey. the benchmark by which all other music is judged.
"breakfast with girls" by self is one of the five best album evers.
by jakob November 12, 2004
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me, myself, i, me, yo
self dies
by judybooo November 3, 2003
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The act of selfsucking, autofellatio
Hey did you see that guy selfing online tonite?
by able2selfsuck December 26, 2005
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Selfed to be self-sufficient self-reliant. To make your own way.
Man Joey totally selfed that situation.

Jon didn't need anyone he selfed it he's a total boss.
by Selfed Made February 17, 2018
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