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Smalls disease occours when a person is pasty white with red hair and knows he can't get laid so he sits home every day amd jerks off 21 times a week. The symptoms are a small penis, low sperm count, pasty white skin, and being over 6 feet. If u have smalls diease ether find a horny ugly chick to get laid at least once or you screwed to a life in front of computer with your fist in your pants
Hey kev. Brendon has pasty skin, red hair, and a small wang. Dude hes also always home SHIT KEV i think Brendon has smalls diease we gotta find him an ugly chick and fast
by Kris February 13, 2005

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A kid who is soo totaly fetch. He's so fetch in fact that he's faraz! He resides in a small snobbish community of La Jolla and he gets all the pussy! He likes Francollis in Fashion Island. He's soo totaly gooch and not a siz. But is pretty agg.
Dude that faraz kid is pretty fetch.
by Kris August 03, 2004

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A disease caused by a lack of alcohol in the system. Symptoms include logic, reasoning and the ability to say 'no' to a game of strip poker.

Can be cured by a visit to the local pub
Person A: Help! I cant distinguish the difference between a woman and a dog!

Person B: Sounds like a bad case of soberity. you'd better visit the doctor
by Kris September 20, 2003

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a canadian band much like BNL only they have more than one lead singer.
Moxy Fruvous is friggin awesome
by Kris October 06, 2003

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A really hyper, crazy person.
You´re a totally bongus! Or: They are totally bongus
by kris March 17, 2005

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Couplandesque (adj.) To be philosophical about pop culture; to view aspects of mass media and cultural consumption as trancendental; to find meaning in that which is normally viewed as shallow or mundane. Derived from the works of Douglas Coupland, wherein pop culture is analyzed and celebrated on a personal level.
Coca-Cola, Legos and McDonald's all in one film? How Couplandesque!
by Kris September 28, 2004

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An operating system that is quite easy to install and use. Crashes more often than not ('98 does anyway), but is generally a nice OS for people who want to use a computer AND have a life outside of the house at the same time.
Windows just crashed so I threw my PC out of the window.
by Kris November 04, 2003

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