an individual that was in a relationship with a partner/lover that cheated on them to be with someone of the same sex.
Sol: Did you hear about what happened to my ex?
Al: I heard you got Gayed!
Sol: Ya. FML...
by Smoo Ve May 30, 2013
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The act of bullshit happening to ones self
while playing counter-strike i totally got gayed throught the wall.
by Kris February 24, 2005
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VIDEO GAMES MEANING: To be shot in the back, with no sight of a killer, or just plain getting killed and its bullshiznit
(><)*xOwndx*: Omfg, I just got gayed...
(><)*^x^*: Whatever dude, u got owned either way.
by Pen0r January 11, 2006
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Shortened version of 'Gay Head' used to describe a person who has been a naughty mandem or a bit of an idiot. Everyone has a gay'ed moment in their time, even you, ya nubbin.
''Pat's wearing his mums socks again!''
''...lol what a gay'ed.''
by Squishy McNubbins August 09, 2012
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when someone suddenly takes on stereotypical homosexual qualities, which usually out of character for that person
"...so i punched him in the gut, and then he just gayed up on us"
by eightball August 05, 2004
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