"Not the" are two words that, once followed up by a clause, call out something or someone. Usually, it's in a comedic sense but can and is used with negative or serious intention. The 'the' is replaceable for names, words like 'y'all', pronouns, and other verbs.

Although its not quite clear where "not the" orginates from, it's mostly commonly used on Tiktok and Twitter.
Mike sends a picture of himself in a clown costume to his friend, Paul. In the background of the picture there's his dog, also wearing a clown costume.

Paul, noticing this, texts him 'Not the dog lmao' to commend his efforts.
by Almapie* April 26, 2021
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"not the" and occasionally "not y'all" followed by a phrase is used to draw attention to something that is either blatantly obvious or something that isnt funny. it is usually used by females on social platforms like twitter, tiktok, or instagram. its fucking annoying when this is seen in the comments because literally nobody cares. most of the time other females respond to the comment with "fr" or some other dumb shit
ashleyyy06_ on tiktok: "Not the weirdos in the comments 😃✋"
emilyBLM_LGBTQ05 on twitter "Not y'all assuming her gender 😃✋"
by x22e==e39yyh880ui=x__aft February 26, 2021
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