29 definitions by Evil-Ernie

Means somebody with a hot body, either male or female.
A good looking body on somebody ,but not nessiarly a nice face...
'My shes got a hot bod in that bikini, but her face isnt upto much....'
by Evil-Ernie May 29, 2003
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Means to shit your pants i.e. use your underwear as a temporary latrine...
'Her driving was so scary, i used my trousers as a temporary latrine!'
by Evil-Ernie May 29, 2003
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Swindon, a dump in the middle of Wiltshire, England. A big town with a small village attitude.. Native population are mainly made up of knuckle draggers and bumpkins.
Apparently the name comes from the original old english for 'Swine Town' which says it all really....
'Lets go to Swindon!, wait!, no, its shite-hole...'
by Evil-Ernie May 29, 2003
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To be both pissed and smashed . Can also be used to describe being off your face on illigal narcotics..
'I drank 20 pints last night, I was completly Smished!'
by Evil-Ernie May 20, 2003
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to press press CTRL ALT and DELETE on your PC thus resetting it .. derived from the 3 fingers you use to press the buttons.
John:"Damn my computer has froze!!"
Dave:"Give it a three fingered salute!"
John:"But ill lose all my work..."
by Evil-Ernie June 02, 2003
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From having a hard-on to being turned off by something sexually and having it go floppy..
'I was ready to go, then i saw her hairy minge and i got a soft on...'
by Evil-Ernie May 29, 2003
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