Tall person: Ur short
Short person: I may be short but ur ugly and i still have time to grow
by gurliegurl55 January 6, 2011
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The small coffee size at Starbuck's; the only size on the menu there that makes any sense (et al Tall, Grande, Vente).
"Short" is the smallest size Starbuck's offers, but you'll only get this if you ask for it by name. If you do order a "small" the barista will likely give you a "Tall" because anyone asking for a "small" will get the "Tall", which is the smallest size for which the prices are actually on the menu. Also only their hot drinks can be served in the "Short" size. Sound confsing? Yeah, I hate Starbuck's too!
by Tenacious Faulker May 18, 2009
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generally lacking or deficient in some crucial aspect – most commonly as a result of compromised cognitive function.
Man, that sitch got real short real fast.

When things get short, it's nothing but Bussin.
by Sen Besey May 17, 2020
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what a guy is if he's 5'6 or under and what a woman is if she's 5'3 or under.
Natalie is only 5'0 tall. She's short.
by kandygrl7 July 2, 2009
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Joey: dude I'm short

Sam: no shit. You couldn't ride any of the rides at cedar point and you're 29
by Cool coochie kid December 20, 2020
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Many tall people misinterpret this word and believe that this word can be used for anyone that isn't the same height as or shorter than them. Being short means that a person or object is a shorter height then average, key word SHORTER. Just because a person is SHORTER then someone doesn't make that person SHORT. Every age group has a span of heights that are average for their age, if you are within that span that makes you average, people who are within the higher spectrum of that span seem to believe that people who are at the lower area of the span are just simply short. So if you are below that span that does infact make you short, but if you are just low on the spectrum, you are not short, you are average. Next time someone wrongfully calls you short, be sure to look up this definition, read it to them with confidence, and make fun of them for not knowing the meaning simple english words.
Leah: Haha, you're so SHORT

Brooke: Actually we are both AVERAGE. Look at this word meaning on the urban dictionary. Maybe before you go calling people names you should learn what they mean first, and save yourself from looking stupid.
by GrifftheG February 28, 2021
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When used in the context of dubbing someone as such, shall really mean "Penis" in a complementary fashion. For Example: "You are Short", really means "You have a large penis". Those using this phrase usually cannot stop thinking about penis, and should be treated as such.

Commonly used by Saint Thomasians.
A: "You sir, are short"
B: "Why thank you, and I must say your obsession over penis is making me uncomfortable.
by Sir Zesty Toucan October 29, 2010
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