Its too quiet

I need to be with people who love my company
as i too love theirs
All i hear is the clock ticking and a fly going crazy on some window
I love to be needed. I love to give.
My arrival did not stir any joy
(But the thought of seeing you certainly stirred mine)
Its too quiet
even though i gave a shout
my arrival did not cause a smile
by Krkič June 11, 2019
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is a person who is of African descent or a black individual who arrived on turtle Island (the Americas) by force, coercion, or through settler colonialism of their own lands.
Oh Sarah, she's black Nova Scotian! Her family are arrivants, brought to Nova Scotia by the French settlers in 1638.
by SheIsScotian March 29, 2019
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The act of having an orgasm.
"I'm arriving!"
"I'm about to arrive!"
"I just arrived on Jamie's stomach."
by Mr. Brown. January 27, 2008
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During intercourse a man comes. This is what a British man does instead.
Oh my, I may be arriving!

Past tense: Oh my, I think I have arrived!
by Miaku December 27, 2011
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v. To come, to orgasm, to cum, yet prevents you from sounding like a badly-mustachioed porn star.
"Oh, that was fantastic. Did you arrive, too?"
by Bettytron October 19, 2005
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a meaning for united kingdom use another word for ejaculate
oh my i say im about to arrive
by angelsofsnow March 24, 2010
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1. To have, in past tense, reached one's destination.

2. Slang for having ejaculated in the past tense. This term is derived from, in order:
a. "Cum" being a homonym of "come"
b. "Came" being the past tense of "come"
c. "Arrived" being a synonym of "came"
1. I arrived from England around 4:30.
2. I arrived from GirlsGoneWild at about 11:00.
by McKeigue April 2, 2009
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