The most beautiful girl in the world. She has a dark past, but you must look past it to the beautiful person she is. She thinks she is not much, but she is the best. Always boost her self confidence, because she deserves it. Once you find a Pearl, never let her go. She is a once in a lifetime chance that you should never pass up.
An all around amazing young girl. She has her flaws, and is very insecure about them. She is awfully beautiful and humble. She has an amazing soul. Pearl is a shy girl, but is very out going once you get to know her. She always has a smile on her face. She is incredibly smart and down to earth. She is one of the realest and nicest people you can ever meet. Pearl is a very kind hearted person who will be there for you no matter what. She is an amazing best friend and girlfriend. One day she will be something relevant to this world. Her heart only beats for one person and doesn't whore around. Pearl is a beautiful, intelligent, and compassionate girl that you can't let slip out of your hands.
by Pearlscm January 10, 2018
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She is one of the funniest people on planet Earth. Although she may be passive at times, she’ll stand up for herself when it comes to incredibly random topics she feels strongly about. Pearl has a heart of gold and is intelligent, though she doesn’t accept being called “the smart kid”. She knows a ton of trivia, and people wonder where she gets it all. Her temper is almost nonexistent. You can count on her to know the latest news, trending or not. Pearl will always stick by your side and make your day.
“Did you hear about how Pearl finessed her way into the teacher’s lounge?”

“Sure did. They all love her, huh?”
by jin-kyong April 3, 2021
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A girl who cannot be described simply. She is beautiful and seems innocent, and always brings a smile to peoples faces. She makes people laugh and is very trustworthy, loyal and reliable. She is super fun and afectionate, but can get hurt easily because she cares a lot, and can be very fragile. She can also be very sexy, but only allows people to see it when they earn her trust.
She is almost a Pearl!
by meg5man458 June 7, 2013
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A beautiful, pure sole, is very affectionate. And gets hurt very easily; fragile.Is trust worthy and wont ever let you down in your time of need. A dependable and trustworthy friend.
Wow, i love that girl.shes just
I know!, i do too. her names pearl!
by torie! O.o November 4, 2011
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Oh my gosh how can i explain Pearl. A pearl is am amazing friend who makes everybody laugh in her own awkward ways. She may be the smart one in class but is super awesomely crazy with her buds.

Basically, she is the Supreme Ruler of Swaggilicious Aweomeness!!!
"Oh my gosh It's pearl!"
"Shes soo awesome"
by Supreme Swaggilicious August 14, 2012
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A pearl is a perfectly rolled blunt or joint, that has no flaws,burns 30 min + and gets you high as F**K
EX whos rolling?

i am, im gunna pearl.

EX 2. holy shit, who the fuck rolled this blunt?

me bitch, its fucking pearled.

EX 3. hey buddy, come here and check this blunt out.

by MEPEARLONLY December 10, 2009
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I slowly ran my tonuge across Shirly's pearl.
by Shinra September 12, 2003
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