The region in which one "motorboats" or more colloquially, the space between two breasts on a woman. This region previously had not been named and thus derives its name from the common action of placing one's face in between breasts and imitating sounds of a motorboat. Because boats dock in a harbour, this region is referred to as the harbour.
Hey girl, is there room for one in you harbour?
by thegreeks May 8, 2016
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Harbour is a person who is hilarious but can shut out people at times. He makes the funniest faces and loves his family. He likes to play games and go exploring.
Harbour is my brother
by Maeve w October 23, 2019
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(verb) to push into water. Specifically, off a harbour.
"Gordon don't make me harbour you biatch!"
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The correct (and original) spelling of the word Americans spell as harbor.
The ship is in harbour
by TimB August 14, 2005
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harboring; containing
Harbouring amazing impact is overall determination.
by Hercolena Oliver August 24, 2009
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a threesome were a chick is on her hands and knees one dude doing doggy while the other cops head and they join hands over the top on her to form the sydney harbour bridge
mate this back packer bitch was on her hands and knees i was doing her doggy while bazz was copping head we were going this bitch something vicious then we decided to join hands over her and show her the harbour bridge.
by heres brucie November 22, 2011
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Originated from a Shaw commercial. A fun way to ask for a hug. You open your arms up as if to let someone come in for a hug (this shape resembles the shape of a harbour), and then you use the phrase.
"Awe you poor thing...come on and pull yourself into hug harbour"
by Typsiebird July 27, 2007
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