Losers who encourage weaknesses to prevent actualization of potential in a person with more opportunity.
Tina and Leila were draggers who kept sending video game updates to their friend doing an internship because they were envious of her getting ahead.
by JessicaWalters April 1, 2021
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to not date but talk and entertain other male or females.
dang you talking to 2 niggas ? dang you such a dragger.
by Kashyj December 31, 2018
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a male/female that talks to multiple people at once and keeps it a secret and will most definitely end up breaking your heart because you thought you were the only one.
girl #1- ugh did you know he is getting to know 3 girls?
girl #2- wow he’s such a dragger.
by regulardegularsmegular August 29, 2020
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One who likes to brag about doing drugs. You know that guy. He loves talking about "fucked up" he got last weekend. Won't shut the fuck up until you say something like, "Well you're way cooler than me now!". Remember kids. You can do drugs all you want, just shut the fuck up about it.
Dragger: Dude I got so fucked up last night. I was, like, high and drunk at the same time!!
Me: Am I supposed to be impressed?
Dragger: You don't smoke weed?
Me: Well yeah, but I don't tell the world about it.
Dragger: Well smoking weed is only cool if people know that you do it.
Me: ugh
by Holy shitballs September 2, 2007
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A farmer who doesn't care about his GCSE results, often gets drunk out of his mind and drags other peoples results down so far that they may as well have just skived school for their whole academic lives. Despite these shortcomings, overall he is a legend who creates banter in dead lessons, tells you when there is gonna be a lit GAF, and who is just a proper grimey and sik lad.
Ducky: I used to be in set 1 maths, but now i'm in set 2. I used to understand science, but now it is just sheet, sheet, sheet blahhh.

Random guy: Is there any reason why this has happened that you can think of?

Ducky: Yes, I was dragged down

Random guy: Let me guess, was it Will Lucas? He is such a dragger! His family were put on this earth to drag everything down that they come into contact with.

Ducky: yes, but it was worth it. Exams are just bits of paper with scribbles on em. Will has such good banter and it was worth being dragged, even if I have to be a toilet scrubber when I'm older.
by Phil Mi Groin October 6, 2018
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(Noun) A short guy with a large penis.
Jeannie: So you're with Robby? I dunno, he's cute, but he's so short...
Monique: Yeah, but he makes up for it in bed- he's a total dragger.
Jeannie: Ooh- mazel tov!
by Marina the Conqueror September 22, 2007
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A truck, with specific characteristics classifing it as a "Dragger." Visually gives the appearance that an african american can be tied up and attached to the back and pulled behind while to driver runs everyday errands; Church, bank, food store, tractor supply...
To be classified as a dragger your truck needs to meet these standards. Animal parts fake or real need to be attached to said truck. (Plastic animal testicles or road kill dear horns) Piss on ford, Nascar numbers and/or society exceptable-racsist symbols such as the Confederate flag or a noose should be displayed in a window. Gun rack(so the world knows you mean buisness!) Steps on the drivers side and CB radio with 2 mile high antenna are optional. Driver often speaks of mudding.
by Darrell Fleming September 17, 2008
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