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Industrial city in the centre of England. My home town. Second city in England, biggest city next to London. Famous for having world class curry houses.
'Birmingham Rocks!'
by Evil-Ernie May 29, 2003
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The second city in Britain. Friendly, down-to-earth people. Not stuck up and shallow like cockneys and not got an inferiority complex like mancs.
Probably the best place in Britain for a night out (from personal experience it is better than London, Gunchester and Nottingham).
Definitely the best place to go shopping, Trafford center my arse!
Has a massive stigma attached to it by ignorant people who mainly haven’t visited it or are stuck-up snobs.
Balti capitol of Britain (unofficially since some council idiot forgot to enter the competition).

One more thing, if mancs think of Greater Manchester as Manchester (because Manchester is woefully inadequate) then maybe Birmingham should be ‘greater Birmingham’ i.e. the West Midlands which is like 3 million people and wipes the floor with their poor excuse for a town? Nah, who cares, Birmingham is the centre of Britain in every respect.
by BeauBirmingham March 09, 2006
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With an area covering 103.4 square miles and a population of over 1 million, Birmingham is the second largest city in England. It is the most multicultural city in the United Kingdom, with a White population of only just under 70%.

The site of Birmingham was founded in the 6th Century by the Anglo-Saxons, but it didn't become a city until 1889.

Birmingham's motto is "Forward", and nicknames of the city include: "Brum", "Brummagem", "Second City", "City of a Thousand Trades", and "Workshop of the World", as it has been the site of many industrial inventions and revolutions throughout history. Natives of the city are known as "Brummies".

Birmingham has many sports teams, including two of the oldest professional football teams in the world. Birmingham City FC, Aston Villa FC and West Bromwich Albion are the three biggest football teams, for rugby union there is the Pertemps Bees and Moseley Rugby Club, for cricket there is Warwickshire County Cricket Club, and for basketball there is the Birmingham Panthers (formerly the Birmingham Bullets).

Although it is England's second largest city, it has the lowest crime rates than the other eight major cities of England (London, Manchester, Liverpool, Nottingham, Bristol, Sheffield, Leeds and Newcastle).
Birmingham is a wonderful and interesting city, which was once notorious for its uglyness, but since the 1970s the city has transformed into an attractive modern city, thanks to Birmingham City Council's urban redevelopment projects.

Nice areas - City Centre, Sutton Coldfield, Bournville, Harborne, Hall Green, Moseley.

Areas to avoid - Aston, Bordesley Green, Small Heath, Handsworth.
by Birmingham Tour Guide March 17, 2008
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Where stuff is made. Birthplace of world industry, home of the British motor industry.
BMW engines, London taxis, Peugeots, Rovers, Jaguars, trains, Cadburys chocolate..etc..etc
by oracle December 09, 2004
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The true second city of the UK, and any manc that says otherwise needs to come down and have a look for themselves what a great place BIRMINGHAM really is. Most people have a bad opinion of Birmingham but that's because they probably have never been here or have only seen it in the sixties when it was a concrete jungle. But now Birmingham is a proper city with everything a proper city should have. Birmingham has facilities to rival London let alone a place like manchester.
Birmingham, Second City of the UK

Birmingham, Shopping Capital of Europe

Best City in the WORLD - Birmingham
by Tolly_Ry March 09, 2007
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the most beautiful city in the world, i couldnt live anywhere else. the contrasts, the architecture, the humour and the heart of the Brummies the currys, the home of Cadbury's chocolate, home of Birmingham City FC (the most philosophical football team in the world). it's a major European city with an outstanding city centre and many very pleasant suburbs. a former industrial city in a period of renaissance Birmingham has shaken off it it's old image to having a cool, fashionable, cultured city and being the only place to be for a night out on the town. the United Kingdoms Second City after London in terms of population and importance Brummies have a lot to be proud of considering it is Europe's youngest city. It is also the most ethnically diverse city in Europe. celebrities include Ozzy Osbourne, Jasper Carrot, Mike Skinner (from The Streets), Jamelia, UB40, Duran Duran and Toyah Wilcox. a humble city with no ego, just down to earth, hard-working honest Brummies.
1) Birmingham is love

2) I want Birmingham and I want it now!

3) Birmingham City FC...Kings of England!
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