a band that is generally underrated because of the ballad "More Than Words." hardly anyone sees the awesomeness of this band unless they worship the guitar god known as Nuno Bettencourt!!
some great Extreme songs that feature some mad awesome guitar are Play With Me (from the movie Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure a well as Guitar Hero Rock the 80s), Mutha (Don't Wanna Go to School Today), Kid Ego, Rest In Peace, Little Girls, Flesh n Blood, Money (In God We Trust), Get the Funk Out, and Pornograffiti
by shadesgordon February 2, 2011
1. When something is far out, it is said to be extreme.

2. Catch phrase of Xtream Camera Man Wally Simons.
This is gonna be X-T-REME!
by Extreme June 19, 2004
The type of porn that I wouldn't even view by mistake, or at least I pray to god I don't.
That extreme porno ads they give on pornhub fucking hampers my lady boner.
by Innocently Wise January 31, 2016
The favorite word of a group of posers that act like rednecks from South Jersey in Harold and Kumar.
Main poser turns, swings, and stops a punch inches from Kumar's face, causing him to flinch.
Main poser- Thank you come again.
Background posers- Extreme!!!
Harold- Dude, those guys were posers. The one that almost hit you in the face looked exactly like Lil Wyte, did you notice that bro?
by Solid Mantis January 29, 2021
A marketing ploy to make kids want to buy things with their parent's money.

Stuff + X-TREME name + SHOUTING VOICES AND CAPITAL LETTERS = Kids' moneys!!1!!
Honestly, why would you want regular, plain ol' boring yogurt when you could get... X-TREME YOGURT!!! A blast of nondescript flavorings and bacteria IN YOUR MOUTH!!!
by Kurumi August 17, 2004
1) Outermost or farthest. The greatest or highest; most. Far beyond what is considered normal. Drastic.

2)One of most overused words in the current english language.
The first definition is self-explanatory. But, I like to have fun with the second one. How about AN EXTREME NAP? Maybe EXTREME DEODERANT? Maybe EXTREME BAGELS at Brueger's. You get the idea. The word is EXTREMELY overused.
by tradesman May 6, 2003
someone or something that goes way beyond any normal parameters. an event to take special note of. originally coined in Chester by a group of sad young men looking to try an increase the size of their chodes. it didnt help. they do argue however, that oral sex did.
that was extreme!
by Appo November 10, 2003