something that vanishes
by Gh00stG0rl December 2, 2020
A person that can either make your life great or turn your life to a disaster.
Homie: What happened to you, bro? Why are you broke?
Dude: My dad went for milk 13 years ago and my momma can't afford a great life. F*ck him
by Anonymousmf123 February 4, 2020
Me: dad? Where did you go?
by Sparkle pussy March 21, 2019
Someone who disappears for sixteen years of your life in which they smoked three and a half fields of tobacco and impregnated all of San Francisco only to come back to you when your on the wrong side of twenty-five and depressed due to your failing marriage and your unappreciative children to seek forgiveness.
"Hey, Dad did you ever get that milk?"
by LilBigGay February 26, 2019
Dad~ the person that is always there for you, even if they are not related by blood. A dad is different than a father because a dad is there for you a father is the one that is “related” to you by blood. You can always count on them because when they punish you it means they do care and they want the best life for you.
A dad the one you can always count on!
by Claire1213 July 14, 2018
Someone who's at an old age and is given their first child.
Son: Dad....I think I just broke my arm.
Dad: Well son! Let me just grab my handy dandy duct tape and my wonderful screwdriver.
by Spacey Boi the First October 16, 2020