Pronounced as “ex.” The debatably new “terrible” or “terrifying” name for the formerly known Twitter app, which reminds billions of kids and their parents worldwide of their dreaded years-long school algebra.
Are the days of X numbered, especially when two key rivals are exploring whether or not they’d also be renaming some of their subsidiaries Y and Z to strategically create confusion and chaos on social media?
by Fasters July 25, 2023
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The one who’s gonna give it to ya
“X gongive it to ya.”
by ax_ August 17, 2018
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The letter everyone uses in their instagram username
xxHxLo Shxdxw lxdyxx
by e23244324 November 26, 2020
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Something that math is always is searching for. But we never know "y".
Johnny has "x" apples and 4 bananas, if x is twice the amount of bananas, find x?
by Fammymanunited19 February 14, 2013
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The name of an arguably mismanaged company, invariably defined by a range of unknowns or variables, such as the true value of its assets, the number of fake or spam accounts, the uncertain dismissal of more employees with declining ad revenue, its decision to allow hate speech on its platform, and its possible sale to a gullible or rogue owner to avoid bankruptcy.
What are the odds that with all the lawsuits, fines, and more advertisers deserting the platform, not to say, the low morale among its overworked staff, X might be the next Blockbuster or Kodak?
by Numerati August 3, 2023
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The co-host of BFB
Four: X, what's wrong? You look depressed
X: Idk, it's just I dont know what I AM, what my value is
by LowenCraft June 20, 2020
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