The word roof roof is the scientific definition that means shit will burn
by G. Washington November 06, 2003
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While receiving a blowjob, continuously hitting and/or scraping the top of the giver's mouth.
I accidentally made my girlfriend gag last night because I kept roofing her.
by L3pr3chaun3 October 01, 2017
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The act of climbing atop roofs, usually illegally, as a pastime.
Jabos and I went roofing last night, the cops nearly caught us!
by Recondite_me September 03, 2016
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"Hey Stacy, that worker was on the roof last night, and boy does he know how to use his tools!"
by karmacycle September 29, 2009
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That thing above your head as you sleep that protects you from the weather and flying monkeys. Not to be pronounced "Ruff" because only someone from the south with low levels of education would say something that asinine.
"Hey go up on the ruff", "What the fuck is a ruff you ignorant yankee?".

"I hear Santa on the roof" , "No Santa does not love you".
by Logan Scheibli February 13, 2009
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Roofing, or, 'to roof' is to throw an object onto the roof of a building, usually to get rid of it but at the same time put it somewhere everyone can see it, people also throw other people's stuff onto a roof to get at them, you can also throw a ball onto a sloped roof and try to catch it as it comes back down.
Legend has it this was first done onto the roof of a Tech block facing a school field.
"What am I going to do with this?"
"Roof it."

"Hey *someone* just roofed *something*"
by Switch October 28, 2004
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