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1) Any location where the wise cracking smart asses tend to gather, be it a house, a park, or any gathering place frequented regularly by a diverse crowd of usually late teen to late twenties coed youths.
Steve's house sure seems to be the new clown college.
by CunningLinguist April 25, 2005
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Its what whores abuse in order to support themselves. Also, a fully mature male chicken; not a pullet...
"A Cock you dude'll do, for a buck buck buck or two!" said street corner Sally to the lay person...

"Cockadoodle doo!" bellowed the cock as his hens replied "buck buck buck"
by CunningLinguist February 13, 2005
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-adjective- Used to describe any person whose self portrait adorns every wall in their own abode. A legend in their own mind...
"Im NOT conceited, for actually Im FAR greater than I think I am"
by CunningLinguist January 3, 2005
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A lazy, slothful condition in the mind leading to an affliction of the body, whereas one's healthy body weight is doubled or tripled emmanating a disgusting view of blubber that has become akin to all "land whale's". In a perfect world, stretch pants would be unlawful for these bulbous monstrosities.......
"Your momma's so fat, she's turning white" and "she's so fat she uses a blanket for a wash cloth" or "your so fat you got moons orbitting around you"
by CunningLinguist September 11, 2005
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1)v.- To be a second party on a loan or purchase of material goods, usually resulting in unwanted debt for the cosignee, and a lesson in life about the limits of friendship and one of the pitfalls of same.
I never should've cosigned for that loan, now I have to pay for a car my buddy crashed before he skipped out on the loan.
by CunningLinguist July 2, 2005
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Its the pronunciation of the letter "W" (DUB-uhl-yoo) South of the Mason-Dixon line.
Just ask any Texan whut the farst letter in W A R is...."Dubya, and Ayn for Nucular"
by CunningLinguist January 3, 2005
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1) A drunkard, someone intoxicated, currently also construed as a numb skull or someone who is thick headed in nature.
1- Don't be such a dunder head
by CunningLinguist May 5, 2005
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