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Impure or not within the confines of acceptable normalcy.
"Man I know Turkeys and Chickens stink, but that fowl farm is fucking foul."
"Dude, you hit a baseball like you smell, and that would be foul"
by cunninglinguist February 10, 2005
A lazy, slothful condition in the mind leading to an affliction of the body, whereas one's healthy body weight is doubled or tripled emmanating a disgusting view of blubber that has become akin to all "land whale's". In a perfect world, stretch pants would be unlawful for these bulbous monstrosities.......
"Your momma's so fat, she's turning white" and "she's so fat she uses a blanket for a wash cloth" or "your so fat you got moons orbitting around you"
by cunninglinguist September 11, 2005
1) n. The pulpy content of most fruits or vegetables when squeezed under sufficient pressure to extract it.
2) sl. The stamina or energy contained in the human spirit, extracted when under sufficient pressure.
3) v. The act of extraction from succulent fruits, vegetables, or human spirit.
1- Orange juice, pineapple, tomato, lemon
2- He relied on his juice to help.
3- see 2 above
by cunninglinguist May 11, 2005
-Verb- To Move along the vertical axis, up and down continuosly, as a fishing "bobber" or cork would move on the tops of waves.
While on the beach, Peter was amazed at how Roberta could bob as she rode wave after wave on her raft.
by cunninglinguist January 23, 2005
1) The dried crusty mucus secretion left in girls and women's undergarments, usually resulting from excessive stimulation of the vaginal area. Also known as "clitty litter".
2) A sissified boy who is afraid of getting hurt and will run away from confrontation.
see also - pussy, wussy, chicken shit
You should'a seen all the panty waste Mary left in her panties after I finger banged her.
by cunninglinguist April 25, 2005
1) To be an unknown person in reference.
2) Everyone in an unfamiliar crowd.
3) The responsible party to all unwitnessed damage occurring when only children were present.
4) To do nothing, say nothing, to be nothing, to not exist.
1-He was nobody to me.
2-They were nobody special to us.
3-Who broke the window? Nobody!
4-Impossible if you're alive.
by cunninglinguist May 3, 2005
1) Is the ability to tell someone that they are full of shit and having them fully understanding and agreeing with you before you've finished explaining why.
2) Knowing how to sound like you agree with an opposing view while tactfully bringing the opposition around to your way of thinking.
Talking your way out of a traffic ticket takes tact and diplomacy.
by cunninglinguist April 26, 2005