sl stands for story line, often seen in twitter rps
person: i like this sl but lets continue it in the dms
by rubythecatgirl November 6, 2019
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An arena spec for warlocks involving eating buffs and being a resilient bitch. Closely related to the survivability of high end disc priests and the pain of a regular warlock. Kill his pet first.
Pew pew lazrs win win win = sl/sl.
by Slashbtard February 22, 2008
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Abbreviation of 'siu lun sei', which in Cantonese means LMFAO.
by perr jai May 13, 2020
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Someone called isla who did the TikTok challenge to take away the first and last letter of their name😂
by Islawinterrr May 31, 2020
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In Asian dramas this is Seconf Lead Syndrome. There are the two main leads that are destined to be together but you always have some poor, handsome secondlead whofalls for the main lead. While they may be winning with the main lead for a while, they almost always lose in the end. SLS applies to the either female or male second lead, but usually more sympathy is felt for a male secondlead. A lot of female second leads come off bitchy and cunning.
Friend: *crying* '"noooo, this can't be"
Friend#2: "What"
Friend: "My ship is destined to sink and never become cannon, why did I fall for the second lead"
Friend#2: "I think you have come down with a classic case of SLS"
Friend: "Not second lead syndome, nooooooo"
by Princess Pandamonium February 12, 2016
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