The act of trying to hide an erection by tucking your penis into the waistband of your pants. This method is usually used when in public and/or wearing loose fitting pants or shorts.
I got an erection while staring at that woman but i was in public so I had to tuck up.
by Dertty December 30, 2005
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To be tucked up is to be outwitted, conned, or otherwise beaten in a cunning or sly sort of way.
We've been tucked up, while he's been cleaning up.

(from the film "Snatch")
by HevayBurtation December 21, 2015
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When a male hides his boner by tucking up into his waistband. Usually occurs around the ages 13-17 around very attractive women.
Guy 1-"Did you see that new girl?"
Guy 2-"Man,Cause of her Ive been tucked up since lunch."
by AiyaItsShawnn November 11, 2011
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To shaft or prank someone, usually a mate. As seen on some of the WKD adverts
You tuck up a mate, when they can't get away from someone talking to them and you don't rescue them.
by richard jacobs February 5, 2007
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To say something so incredulously stupid, backward, socially regressive and void of morality that you sound like Tucker Carlson.

*Not to be confused with Tucker Up (When an African-American man chooses to hang about exclusively with a man from the Orient)*
1. To tuck up so badly, that even your mother doesn't want to talk to you anymore.
by IceFergLettuce March 25, 2019
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to lift your boner up to your waist line to prevent detection.
the girl i work next to gave me a chubby. before i stood up, i had to tuck it up.
by nileek October 7, 2008
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The act of twisting and tucking your hair inside of a hat or some sort. Then when you take the hat off your hair cascades down your back looking beautiful. (See the Princess Diaries movie)
Princess Diaries Tuck-up-

Just put your hair in your work hat like the "Princess Diaries tuck up", so when you're off you can whip your hat off and shake your hair out and yell "I'm off work bitches"
by THCMomster October 18, 2020
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