The go-to insult. It requires little thought and is perhaps one of the most uncreative yet highly effective insults in the English language.
Person 1: You have got to be one of the worst drivers I have ever seen.
Person 2: Oh yeah, well you're fat.
Person 1: Screw you asshole!
by mcdove March 8, 2016
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According to Hollywood, What you are if you are a female weighing over 100 lbs.
Nicole Richie apparently thought she was fat, now she looks like a nine-year old boy.
by BigPapa September 28, 2005
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wait wait wait lets be politically correct I'm sure you meant to type overweight, excessively round, or possibly horizontally challenged
I'm not fat, I just have a better bond with gravity than most.
by hold it right there... July 29, 2011
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yo mamma so fat when she walked past the TV I missed 3 episodes of my show
by cat_destroyer May 11, 2013
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The condition of weighing more than the medically prescribed average for a specific height and age range.

An adjective describing said condition.

Something chicks fear above all else, causing them to deny themselves the love of a good pizza. It tends to make them eat salads and act finicky in restaurants.

A euphamism for surplus budget spending.

Rhymes with PHAT.

Honey, do I look fat in this?

Trim the fat!

Let's open up a case of PBR and chew the motherfuckin' fat, yo!
by Trunkbutt April 24, 2003
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What people become after eating McDonalds for years, every day. Theese people usually end up 400+ lbs, and feel sorry for themselves. Usually they end up on Oprah, so bored housewives can feel sorry for them, and the government can send them free IRS money, stolen from people who actually work.
I don't feel sorry for fat people because it's not my fault they became fat. I think that person has something to do with it.
by Brian Leeon January 16, 2006
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Here is a 2007 census of the healthiest to most unhealthy states:

1. Vermont
2. Minnesota
3. Massachusetts
4. Maine
5. New Hampshire
6. Nebraska
7. Iowa
8. Utah
9. Hawaii
10 Kansas
11. Rhode Island
12. North Dakota
13. Connecticut
14. Washington
15. Wisconsin
16. New Jersey
17. Oregon
18. Virginia
19. California
20. Ohio
21. Michigan
22. South Dakota
23. Pennsylvania
24. Idaho
25. West Virginia
26. Montana
27. New York
28. Colorado
29. Kentucky
30. Wyoming
31. North Carolina
32. Illinois
33. Indiana
34. Missouri
35. Maryland
36. Alaska
37. Arkansas
38. Tennessee
39. Delaware
40. Alabama
41. Oklahoma
42. Arizona
43. Texas
44. Georgia
45. South Carolina
46. Florida
47. Nevada
48. Mississippi
49. New Mexico
50. Louisiana
How fat is your state?
by Jersey Kid January 24, 2008
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