normalcy is not a word its normality; normalcy is a made up word the correct word is normality
our group of friends want normality not normalcy because normalcy isnt a word
by billy rieger September 8, 2007
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Is a real word that was coined by Warren G. Harding, at the time it meant nothing except a misused word representing normality. Normalcy does appear in many prominent dictionaries today.
We need to get out of the war, rejuvenate the economy, so that this nation can return to normalcy.
by Landon Sidler February 9, 2008
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basically, this word is what the other people have said, but it was not invented by Bush, it was invented by Warren G. Harding.
Warren G. Harding is a President
G. Warren Nutter is my grandfather

ooooo... similarity

i have to say the word normalcy to be accepted, so there.
by Urban Dictionary December 8, 2005
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A corruption of the word normality, propogated by American news networks.

Possibly originally a Bushism which has filtered into popular use.
-When will we begin to see normalcy in Iraq?
-About the same time you stop using made-up words.
by The_Beaner February 16, 2005
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Seriously, normalcy is a real word. Look it up in the professional dictionary, Merriam-Webster actually names it as "the state of being normal".
His normalcy was beyond comprehension to the eccentric clown trio. They did not hire him into their group because there was nothing unique about him.

"Damn normal people and their normalcy," said the big clown.
"Now you know better than to hate others for being different," said the lame understanding clown with funky lips.
"Yeah, but this guy isn't different, he's the definition of normalcy! There's nothing different about normalcy, it's just normal!" said the smacked-up-on-pills clown.
"Oh. I guess you're right, maybe we should hate him then." replied the lame understanding clown with funky lips.
by mexicanpolicesquad April 29, 2006
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A real word that was around before the new millenium which means 'the state of being normal'.
The normalcy of Martin Lawrence is why he's stuck to only making movies like 'Rebound'.
by mexicanpolicesquad August 3, 2005
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The state of being in denial about super bad shit that is happening. Being geared toward everything being awesome today and tomorrow, just like it was yesterday (except that some douche bag did some holocaustic shit).
Dude A: Starting tomorrow, we can all get incarcerated forever without any warrants or trials 'cuz the politicians just voted for that, and Obama said so!

Dude B: No way, dude!! I'm going to ride my skateboard, because I live in a bubble and want it to stay that way. Normalcy bias sure beats how depressing the truth is!
by Sailor Poison December 15, 2011
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