The art of slipping smart ass remarks into everyday convorsation.
Example statement: Dude my girl friend is coming over so pick up your shit.

Example of wise cracking: Yea dude thats cool. Ill grab you some penicilin while im at it.
by Mr.Blumpkin420 June 21, 2008
A Rabbi who you usually walk down a hall with and when asked a question he answers it with some wisely cracked joke. He has long curly hair, a star of david necklace and a yamaka.
Jim: Do you charge for your circumcisions??
Rabbi: No I just keep the tips!!
Jim: You wise cracking rabbi bastard
by Overweight Chumbawumba February 10, 2011
To be sarcastic and/or engage in witty banter, for the purpose of creating a humorous moment --- in particular with mates or friends;
"What's the matter? You got nothing to crack wise about?" (Miller's Crossing)
by onemodbird December 12, 2013