When you think that sum not right
Teacher “Times up class
Student “Bruh,That’s foul
by •BhabieKay• December 12, 2017
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To be deceitful intentionally knowing your actions will most likely cause negative reactions yet the "foul" selfish person does the deed regardless of anyone else's feelings.
Tiffany only went to graduation with my brother to hurt me. That bitch is always doin some foul ass shit!
by Sis Lord November 3, 2018
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Something that is rather unpleasant, dirty, maybe dirty minded, or just plain gross!
Monique is FOUL! She says dirty things and has a dirty mind. She was FERAL (which is even worse), but due to good behavior she is now just FOUL!
by Jinxboi November 22, 2010
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Impure or not within the confines of acceptable normalcy.
"Man I know Turkeys and Chickens stink, but that fowl farm is fucking foul."
"Dude, you hit a baseball like you smell, and that would be foul"
by CunningLinguist February 10, 2005
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Nasty, disgusting, something so raunchy that there is no other word to describe it.
A 300lb woman in spandex is FOUL.

A New Orleans Facial is FOUL.

Tobacco chew stuck to the wall is FOUL.

Fecal matter in the house is FOUL.
by MrsMickles January 19, 2010
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Foul is a adjective for those of a high caliber vocabulary, it is used to describe almost anything; it can be used positively or negatively, however best used when something is SUPER FUCKING FOUL.
Dude, that doobie was seriously the foulest ever, I sat there for hours staring into a foul abyss, it was dank af fam.
by Dirty Sarah January 8, 2017
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An interjection used when one disapproves of something, similar to "fail".
A kid is playing soccer, and is about to score a goal. At the last second, he trips and does a faceplant in the mud.

Random person on the sidelines: Foul!
by musickeepsmyheartabeating June 18, 2010
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