of or pertaining to the study, discussion or orientation of all things fecal. The science of fecal situations or orientations if you will.
that guy is a fecal freak, he's interested in all things scatological.
by gabriel cano May 4, 2005
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(adj) 1. of or related to the study of feces: what it is, why it smells so rank, and why germans and japs love shit porn so much.
Today's scatological forecast: scat, scat, and more scat! With a 65% chance of golden showers.
by Jungle Bunny December 8, 2006
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scatology is the study of shit. this ,of course, would include the smell,taste,and touch, of not only human, but animal shit as well.
hello, I am Joe and I am at freshman at Pinchaloaf University and my major is Scatology.
by baugh July 4, 2004
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Branch of research dedicated to excrement, and it's effects on the world.

I think thedvs01 has been engaging in to much scatology it is really going to his head!
by Anonymous August 28, 2003
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This term is a synonym for bullshit.
Tauro-scatology alert! The Presidential debates are being aired tonight and we're in for such dreck as "The Audacity of Hope."
by Elvis Wearing a Bra on His Head November 14, 2007
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The idea that nobody but Alex Jones knew that muslim terrorists were planning to fly jumbo-jets into the World trade Center is absolute bovine scatology.
by Jolly Roger March 23, 2004
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A person that lies about all kinds of shit.
You can't believe anything that guy says. He's a scatological liar.
by Uncle Percy December 21, 2013
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