A term used when a small indian kid is trying to show off in health class and the teacher tells him to come to the front. Usually he thinks he's cool but ends up looking like more of a fag.
Teacher -"Come to the front Naveen and show me your work."
Naveen -"But im working very diligently."
by whiotcv123 August 12, 2011
The only reason that she is going to Harvard is because she was so diligent.
by zach......... June 26, 2004
persistent effort or work; industrious character
As a lawyer, I always act in due care, diligence and skill for the interest of my clients.
by T. S. Lee May 11, 2006
having or showing care and conscientiousness in one's work or duties.
They were diligent in the performance of their duties
by Laking_YT November 20, 2018
Slang. To perform due diligence analysis of a potential investment. A term most commonly used by the newbs in a Big Four firm, trying to establish themselves as the coolest among the nerds.
The private equity firm hired us to diligize the frozen foods company they are thinking of acquiring.
by abigayle57 January 24, 2012
Pronunciation: \ˈdi-lə-jənt\
Function: adjective
1.) Having, or possessing, more than one flavor of ice cream.
2.) To have the opportunity to choose between multiple flavors of ice cream
I see john at the ice cream store everyday, that guy sure is diligent
by Like Webster January 23, 2014
performing a background check on a man before accepting a date with him
Laura neglected to perform dude diligence, and Michael spent the entire date explaining how Ben Bernanke forged Barack Obama's birth certificate.
by Yet Another Definer February 26, 2010