I thought she would always be that special somebody, but she ended up being a nobody.
by Light Joker July 28, 2005
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1) To be an unknown person in reference.
2) Everyone in an unfamiliar crowd.
3) The responsible party to all unwitnessed damage occurring when only children were present.
4) To do nothing, say nothing, to be nothing, to not exist.
1-He was nobody to me.
2-They were nobody special to us.
3-Who broke the window? Nobody!
4-Impossible if you're alive.
by cunninglinguist May 3, 2005
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The guy who found the WMD's, found a perfect solution for global warming, disproved Einstien's theroies, killed the dinosaurs, and proved alien life within 6 million miles from us.
by Can of Worms November 5, 2006
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nobody is who you become on the internet
nobody needs to face anybody anymore
by johnny nobody March 23, 2005
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Nobody is who people say would do something. This is usually said right after someone does the very deed, frequently to that person's face.
Nobody calls me a nobody!
by Downstrike December 2, 2004
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A nobody is a person who does not comply with popular society. There are in the middle of the Townie, chav, scum on one side, and the skater, grundge, goth on the other.
generally forced to loosly folow one of the above styles. Townies regard them as geeks, skaters as hippies
by bob March 28, 2005
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